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I find ParentEdge very well researched; it is not just googled information and many experts are involved. The articles address aspects relevant to children of all ages and the tips given are useful. I like the Book Reviews section as it helps me decide which books to go for. My daughter is 14 years old; I asked her and my niece to read the article ‘From High school to College’ and the one on studying abroad. In the last issue, the cover story ‘Protect your Child from Abuse’ gave lots of examples. I found this useful, because I am able to relate and remember better with examples.


Featured Articles

  • Parenting Styles – Is Yours Right for Your Child?

    Early this year, Amy Chua, professor at Yale Law School, shot to fame – not for her legal prowess but because of a book she wrote. An excerpt of ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’ published in the Wall Street Journal, ignited a global debate on parenting. Chua, a second generation Chinese immigrant, advocates...

  • Lunch Box Dilemmas Solved

      Which parent does not have this pet peeve- “My daughter never finishes her snack/ lunch box! Every morning I rack my brains to conjure up something that is tasty and nutritious and will taste good after a few hours. And, my child always rants that she wants something ‘interesting’.” Well,...

  • Bringing Montessori Methods Home

    While many parents today accept the wisdom and benefits of a Montessori education for their children, did you know that they can learn a lot too by understanding Montessori principles and trying to inculcate these into their child-raising techniques? This is what one school is advocating. Roots Montessori is a chain...

  • Useful Parenting Websites

    www.mamapedia.com This website is a collection of discussion forums for mothers from all around the world and a useful place to pick up some pointers and tricks of the trade from other mothers like you! www.parentingateenager.net The mother of a teenager created this website in an attempt to help others in the same...