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Featured Expert Author


I feel ParentEdge is a treasure for a parent like me. It covers all aspects at different age groups of kids. I started reading the magazine from March 2015. I find the categorisation of the index is simple and very clear, and helps me pick topics relevant to my child’s age. All the cover stories are enlightening, with in depth research and analysis. Health and fitness is always a special focus area. In the July-August 2015 issue of Parent Edge, I liked the tips given to encourage questioning by young kids. I also like reading Young Parents’ Corner; it is really helpful in raising my child. After reading your Practical Nutrition article, I got a clear picture on how to analyse a packed product before purchase, which I find very useful. The Cover Story on The Influence of Advertisements helped me understand how to deal with advertisers’ tricks. It would be helpful to have some information on teaching methods in future issues.


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    The pursuit of good health is a common trend today.From movie stars to housewives, almost everyone is jogging, buying flashy sports gear, and talking about fitness and wellbeing. It’s easier to exercise than you think – and it does not have to be about huffing and puffing while you rain sweat! Yoga is a...

  • Sharanya’s Inspirational Story of Overcoming Hearing Loss

    Losing the sense of hearing at a young age is traumatic, both for the child as well as for the parents. If not treated early, hearing loss can wreak havoc on the child’s language and speech abilities. But, if treated at the right time, there’s no limit to what the child can achieve. Sharanya Manoharan […]

  • Parenting a Learning-Disabled Child

    The biggest challenge that the parent of a learningdisabled child faces is initial acceptance. It can be tough to understand and accept that your child has a learning disorder. You may worry about your child’s future and his ability to keep up with his peers and to cope with what the world throws at him. […]

  • Indi Lemonade

    What you need 2-3 lemons 750 ml water Sugar to taste Jaljira powder to taste Ice cubes (optional) What to do Squeeze juice from the lemons and strain to remove the seeds. Add water. Add jaljira powder and sugar and mix well. Top with ice cubes.