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ParentEdge is interesting and informative. I can share it with my children and there is nothing in the magazine that I do not like. I especially like the feature on studying abroad, as my 15-year-old daughter and I keep exploring different education options.


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  • The Right Age to Start School

    Gone are the days when parents waited till their child was at least three years old to send her to school, and of course, ‘classes’ were added on much later. Nowadays toddlers as young as 1.5 years are being sent to playhouse or pre-school to give them an early start and prepare them for a […]

  • Inculcating Good Study Habits

    A pet peeve of many parents is getting their child to study! As parents, we are ready to make compromises on almost everything else, but not on encouraging our children to give their 100% to academics. And yet, this is one area where they dig their heels in and make us push harder and harder. […]

  • Don’t Let Your Child Quit

    Rohit, a five-year-old, does not play with his vast collection of blocks, jigsaws and construction sets for more than 10 minutes. Medha, a nine-year-old, begs for ballet classes; her parents give in but she wants to quit after a few weeks. Rekha, a teenager, wants to be ‘rid of Maths’ after Grade 10. The variety...

  • Is your Child’s Diet Balanced?

    With reports of increasing obesity and key nutrient deficiencies in seemingly healthy looking children, poor diets are becoming a huge concern. This is further fuelled by easy access to refined processed foods, the onslaught of advertisements for these foods, a shift from traditional food habits and the lack of...