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The content of the magazine is very well balanced with visual cues which gives it a very rich feel. I love the fact that the topics are organised in an orderly fashion and with clear and concise details. It was easy to make sense of everything because of this.


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  • Parenting a Learning-Disabled Child

    The biggest challenge that the parent of a learningdisabled child faces is initial acceptance. It can be tough to understand and accept that your child has a learning disorder. You may worry about your child’s future and his ability to keep up with his peers and to cope with what the world throws at him. […]

  • Inculcating Good Study Habits

    A pet peeve of many parents is getting their child to study! As parents, we are ready to make compromises on almost everything else, but not on encouraging our children to give their 100% to academics. And yet, this is one area where they dig their heels in and make us push harder and harder. […]

  • Children and Cooking

    No matter where children disappear to, they can be found peeping into the kitchen close to dinnertime, or any other time they smell something cooking. Watching their parents as they waltz around the kitchen, handling several different pots and pans, dicing and sautéing, tasting, adding salt and pepper… Cooking...

  • Early Learning Systems

    Early Learning Systems: Preparing your Child for her Future Learning begins the moment a child is born – every sound and sight she hears and sees makes an impression on her, and the environment a child is in largely shapes her. Having said this, formal education plays a significant role in shaping a child’s...