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We Have Scored a Century !

100 Likes on Facebook

Sudha showed me our ParentEdge fan page today – with “100 people like this” text sitting happily in the sidebar. When the ParentEdge marketing team was planning the social media outreach plan for the magazine a few months back, we were laying out plans to get more and more people to “like” us. It has taken time with 2-3 fans coming in every day, but Rome was not built in a day. Through a lot of diligence and word-of-mouth publicity, we can now proudly say that “we have scored a century!”  It may seem like a small achievement, but we are in a mood to celebrate!

  • Like a toddler who draws his first squiggle
  • Like a young girl who gets her first Barbie
  • Like a 6 year old who scores his first goal

The key is to give yourself good karma points for even the smallest of achievements – both yours and your child’s ! So, what are you waiting for? If your daughter gets a star in school for finishing her lunch box cleanly, get her that promised lollipop. If your son’s essay got selected for the school’s essay writing contest, buy him a new pen. If you managed to pack your child’s their favourite meal and get her to the bus stop first before anyone else  – give yourself a pat on the back :) Go ahead – celebrate every small moment of joy!


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