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Prepare for an out-of-the-ordinary summer break

Focus on and deepen a pursuit
Summer holidays can be the time that your child takes up a pursuit (such as dance or music) almost full time – something impossible during other times of the year owing to school schedules. This may be the
best time to take them to competitions, exhibitions, and events related to your child’s interest, may be even those held outside the city you live in.

Children aged 14-18 years (This section addresses a teen directly)

What is an internship? An internship is a work-related learning experience for students who wish to develop hands-on work experience in a certain occupational field. Internships for high school students
have been virtually absent in India so far. With such a large population, is it any wonder that employers have a surfeit of willing long term employees to choose over a temporary intern?! However, the concept
is slowly catching on in India and you might just be one of the few lucky people who spots a paid internship position in a company and lands a job for the summer.

Check out these sites: www.indianinternship.com, http://india-interns.blogspot.in and www.hellointern.com – (bear in mind that these are geared towards college students). If you have a flair for writing, you can also check with your neighbourhood newspaper, locality editions of large newspapers and magazines if they have room for a rookie. Keep in mind that while a paid internship is a great thing to have, do take an interesting project that comes along; at this stage in your life, your
focus should be on learning rather than on earning.

Another thing for you to remember – it is not as much about the brand name of the company or research institute you are interning in, as much as the project you are working on. Ideally, the project should
tie in with your interests and demonstrate your passion for the subject.

If you are reading this, take a moment to acknowledge how privileged you are – you are fluent in English, you go to a good school in your city and have access to opportunities that many others can only
dream about. You are also blessed with a long summer break where you are not burdened with the responsibility of making money or having to give up simple pursuits because your family cannot afford it. Why don’t you try to give back something to society by volunteering your time and energy for a cause? As a young teen, you  are at the perfect age to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged kids, who
are more inclined to listen to a fun and energetic bhaiyya or didi, than to an older person. Check out the several child-focused NGOs in the country, like Akanksha, Pratham, Magic Bus, Doorstep Schools,
Prerana, Mobile Creches, Janagraha, CORP, and Vimla Vikas Kendra.


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