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July, 2016 | ParentEdge


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Improving your child’s health this academic year

We are a couple of months into the new academic year, and it is a good time to throw light on some simple measures to improve children’s strength and stamina. If you have missed doing some of these...

Humour in Parenting

(This blog is an excerpt from Ramen’s book Effective Parenting: A New Paradigm) “Humour,” says Edward deBono, who coined the term lateral thinking, “is by far the most significant behaviour...

Adults bullying children

I’m passing by a school. A woman is ranting to a child. One arm on her hip, one arm held aloft, finger waggling vigorously; voice raised. I’m witnessing an adult bullying a child. There are other...

5 attributes to look for in your child’s pediatrician

This blog was contributed by Rainbow Hospitals, Bangalore. Every child must have a pediatrician instead of being sent to the family GP for treatment. We explain the qualities that the best...

Depression in Teenagers

Depression among children and adolescents is a reality. However, unfortunately, most of the times when a teenager is showing signs of depression, we as parents, teachers and adults, just put it down...