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5 Lessons from a Viral Time

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 Winter to summer transition in Bangalore and it is viral time – gastritis for some and cold/cough/wheezing for others. My kids, as per their genetic make-up fall in the latter category and we have spent the past 10 days bonding with our “nebulizer” at home. While nursing a sick child ( 2 in my case ) does take its toll, there are 5 lessons I learnt :

1. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a teeny-weeny virus – tell your child that it will pass.

2. Board games and card games which have gathered dust in the toy shelves – are a big saviour.

3. Television is not a baby sitter – a book is a better nurse.

4. Change bed covers into colourful bright ones and fill the bed with cushions to make your child feel happy and comfortable.

5. It’s not a big deal, it’s just a teeny-weeny virus – tell yourself that it will pass.

What did you do when your child was down with fever that helped ?


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