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9 1/2 Important Steps to Preparing for the SAT Reasoning Test

9. Think like the Test Writer: Very few students analyse their wrong answers. You should never grade your test yourself. Read your answers to someone else and note which ones are wrong. Then you can go back and analyse each of the ones that you got wrong. This process will allow you to discover some of the common tricks that CollegeBoard uses to mess with your head. They are tricky, but thankfully, they are not that creative, and use the same tricks over and over again. When you analyse, first understand “Why was my original answer wrong?” CollegeBoard spends most of its time creating tempting answers. Then determine which answer you think is correct now. Finally, spend some time understanding how they disguised that correct answer. If you follow this process, you will begin to see the patterns behind how they design this test and will also increase your speed at answering questions.

9 ½. More Resources:

Two books that I recommend buying:

  • Gruber’s Complete Preparation
  • The CollegeBoard’s The Official Study Guide (Blue Book)

Online Resources:

IOS and Android Apps:

  • QuizUp is a fun app that you can play against friends or strangers. There are Vocabulary, Grammar and great Math quizzes that will make your preparation more fun!
  • CollegeBoard’s Question of the Day App will send you a question a day and you can also browse through previous questions.


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  1. Shantam Shorewala

    I am preparing for my SAT independently, and I found this article more than useful. The way you have condensed the answers to many of my problems is really good.


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