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Undergraduate Studies: Destination Singapore

Issue10“This is by far the most important station in the East…… of much higher value than whole continents of  territory; if no untimely fate awaits it, it promises to become the emporium and pride of the East.”

- Sir Stamford Raffles
founder of the city of Singapore

Why study in Singapore?

For many Indians, Singapore is the ultimate tourist spot — loads of shopping, lots of sightseeing, great food, you name it. But did you know that it is rising fast in the  ranks of best places to study in? Its universities rank among the top 25 in the world, and among the top five in Asia. The Singapore government accords great importance to education, evident from the fact that it spends nearly one-fifth of the annual budget each year on education related expenditure. The emphasis on the importance of education is further echoed by the local attitudes, which promote excellence.

Besides the high quality of education, studying in Singapore offers several other advantages:

  • Cheaper: The cost of education and living in Singapore is at least 30 per cent less than that of the UK or US. In addition, international students who have secured admission to study in Singapore are eligible to apply for a tuition grant from the Singapore Ministry of Education.
  • Closer to home: Singapore is just four to five hours (on average) away from most big cities in India. This can be of immense comfort to parents who would like their child to get a world-class education but do not want to send him very far away from home.
  • Work while studying: Singapore allows most international students who demonstrate financial need to work up to 16 hours a week, and full time during the holidays – helping to defray some of the student’s costs.
  • Easier to get employment after graduating: It is reasonably easy for a student to work in Singapore after completing his education, as the visa laws are not very restrictive.
  • Good quality of living: Singapore is a vibrant city in the heart of Asia, a great mix of the East and the West. With a cosmopolitan culture and a racially diverse people who live in harmony, the country is well known for its  cleanliness, low crime rates, high quality of living and excellent public transport. It is also an ideal base for travelling within the region, giving your child a wonderful opportunity to explore the surrounding areas!

Universities in Singapore


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