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A Short History of Nearly Everything

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series

Age Group: 15 ONWARDS

Title – A Short History of Nearly Everything

Author – Bill Bryson

Random House

In writing ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, Bill Bryson takes upon himself a challenging task, attempted by many in the
past, far less successfully though. The book’s title is a fairly accurate description of its content – Bryson helps us understand why things are as they are in the present and how they got this way. The reader is exposed to an array of themes – how the universe itself was created, how life began and evolved to what it is today and how we as humans have made it this far.

Yes, it is a ‘science book,’ although only thematically. This is an important distinction because the book was written with the express purpose of being an accessible and relatable guide to adults and children alike. We strongly recommend that you give this book a shot regardless of your perceived level of interest in science. Irreverent some times and jargonfree at all times, ‘A Brief History of Almost Everything’ is a genuinely enjoyable “must-read”.