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A Teenager Intern’s Double-Life

Sahana Venugopal

Sahana Venugopal

This blog post has been contributed by Sahana Venugopal, Student Editor of Issue 10 (Jan-Feb 2013) of ParentEdge.

Witch or Demon. Astronaut. Secret agent. A ghost hunter. Literary agent. Play back Singer. Adolescent Lawyer. Script writer. And investigative journalist.

This is an ordered list of all the things I’ve wanted to be since I was old enough to understand that you have to work to make a living and that your parents won’t be feeding you forever. I must have been about six at the time.

But don’t think I was daydreaming about these. Unlike most people, I started taking steps to pursue my various ambitions. I started filling out the online application form on their website to join Mossad until my parents caught me (They actually have application forms, for your info). This is the kid who sang Evanescence songs in the shower to train for a singing life while the rest of the family waited outside her room with sharpened knives. During the ‘astronaut’ phase, I taped a photo of Kalpana Chawla to my desk in third grade and worshipped her religiously. Until I realized how much Math was involved in an engineering career, and since I viewed the subject the way people view Satan and his unholy fleet of demons, I crossed off anything that had even a hint of math in my career list.

Investigative Journalism.  That was my latest choice.

In tenth grade, when my principal and one of the head teachers approached me with Mrs. Sudha Kumar’s email ID on a card and asked me if I was interested in taking up a editorial internship, I wasn’t too pleased. I had enough to cope with (see note above on Math) and one more assignment was the last thing I needed when I was preparing for the exam that would supposedly decide if I would end up scrubbing toilets in a fast food hotel or raking in cash in a mansion, according to everyone older than me.

I took the card, decided to give it a go after a lot of cajoling, and sent off the introduction email in my most flawless language, forgot about it and went to bed.

To cut a long story short, I got an email of acceptance that asked to see some of my writing samples so I sent along the preview for the teen horror novel I had self-published earlier that year. By this time, I had looked at ParentEdge a little better and I was impressed with what I had seen.


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2 thoughts on “A Teenager Intern’s Double-Life

  1. Abhi

    Sahana – Very nice post – I think you did wonderful with the working/non-working mother feature…do keep writing more articles…writing an article is never easy – hope you get to write a lot more!
    PS: I hope I was not one of the contacts you were fuming about ;-)


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