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Addictive and Educational Cards Games for Children

Memory Educational Card Game

Method 1: Use all the cards in the pile (even if it is close to 40 pairs) and pre-announce that the one who gets the 1st 6 pairs, finishes the game. The rest can continue to play or stop the game.

+ of this method: Kids enjoy arranging pairs, learn to align cards in rows and columns.

- of this method: Too many cards could be too complex and overwhelming

 Method 2: Separate a few pairs like 6-10 pairs and pre-decide at which point the game ends like the first 6 pairs or all the pairs.


GAME 3: Making designs or different alignments with cards

Educational Card games for ChildrenChallenge each other to make different shapes / designs with a certain number of cards. Increase and decrease the card numbers. Allow kids to imagine their designs even if they do not look like what they say.

E.g. Make a house with a triangle on top of a square or a pencil with a rectangle + triangle, etc

+: Creative imagination, spatial reasoning, practical understanding of the world.



GAME 4: Sorting and categorization

Needs carEducational Card games for Children to teach sorting and categorizationdImage 7s with numbers. Players take turns to decide whether each player must arrange cards in ascending or descending order. Also arrange by color, pi cture, shape, sequence, or pattern. Help your child fully or partly as needed.





GAME 5: Story-making

Set out the pile and let each player pick 5-9 cards. Then each player arranges all cards in a row and narrates a story from them. Appreciate the story even if it sounds sloppy to you.

+: Great for creative imagination, self-expression, problem-solving skills and building self-confidence. Good base for public speaking.

Story telling using playing cards


Tip: Introduce normal playing cards for kids nearing age 5. There are plenty of creative games possible there too. Cards make the perfect play date or party fun. I guess you are already running out to buy card sets. Adios!


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