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MATHS GAMES from Logic Roots

MATHS GAMES from Logic Roots                 Logic Roots, a company with ex-IITians, has come up with a series of Maths games for children of all ages....


Mycity4kids Family Organizer

Mycity4kids Family Organizer Mycityforkids has launched an application exclusively for parents in India. It runs on Android and is available at Google Play as a free download. Manufacturer’s...


Madzzles from Mad Rat Games

Madzzles from Mad Rat Games ‘Madzzles’ are theme based games played using jigsaw puzzles as boards. There are three themes – Mysteries of the Amazon, Bermuda Triangle and WorldoPedia. The...


Traditional Indian Games from Kreeda™

Traditional Indian Games from Kreeda™ In this age of plastic and cheap knock-offs of popular games, it is refreshing when a company like Kreeda comes along with a wide selection of...


PlayAblo is an educational app for  children in Grades One to Five. The app has interactive quizzes to make learning engaging and fun. PlayAblo’s claims examined ‘Learning through...

beGalileo – a personalised Math learning platform

Most classrooms have 30-60 children – individual attention is impossible in this scenario. Very few tuition centres and coaching classes offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Even if they did,...

Science Box from ZLIFE Education

Science Box from ZLIFE Education                         Science Box from ZLIFE Education is a box comprising four experiments around a...

Nurturey- Tools for Parents

Nuturey.com offers digital tools to manage the multitude of tasks that parents have – of managing  family schedules, keeping track of children’s health and growth, and preserving the...

5 Tips for Bathing Your Newborn with Care

This blog has been contributed by AO Smith India. Becoming a new parent is a joy unlike any other, but the role comes with its own set of apprehensions. This is especially true when the task at hand...


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