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Back to School!

Back to School - ChecklistThe summer vacation is ending and it’s time to get back to the school routine again. While some kids will be raring to get back, there may be a few that are not too happy at the idea of leaving home and the fun of summer camps to get back to dreary academics again. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your child for the new school year:
• Go shopping: there is nothing like a little retail therapy to get your kids excited—shop for school bags, books, wrappers, stationery, lunch box, water bottle, uniform, shoes, socks etc. Give them the responsibility of picking out the stuff they want based on pre-agreed parameters.
• Get them involved: let them help in wrapping the new books, labelling them etc., washing/cleaning old uniforms and ironing them.
• Recall the fun times: if your child is a little worried about what the new school year may entail, remind them of all the fun events that the school organized during the previous academic year—fairs, festivals, projects, sports, extra-curricular activities etc.
• Get them back to the routine: summer vacations are synonymous with lie-ins and late nights. Get your kids back to the school routine a couple of weeks before school starts by enforcing strict bedtimes.
• Reacquaint with peers: arrange for your child to have an outing with old classmates towards the end of the summer holidays. This will help them reconnect with school friends who will be starting the new school year along with them and go a long way in easing last minute jitters.
• Introduce them to the next grade: talk to them about what the new grade will involve—encourage them to leaf through the text books.
• Refresh their skills: summer vacations are synonymous with minimal mental stimulation. Gently coax your child to read for a few minutes in the days leading up to the reopening day. Other activities could include practicing the skills they learned during the previous year.
• Complete assignments: if the school has assigned summer projects, ensure that your child completes them well in advance.
• Allay anxiety: if your child is worried that they cannot cope with the work in the higher grade, reassure them and offer your help. Talk about their favourite subjects and encourage them to do their best in difficult subjects; stay positive and help instil the right attitude towards learning.
• Orient the child with the school: in case your child is starting at a new school, visit the school to familiarize them with the new environment. Find out if you can meet the teacher; talking to the teacher beforehand may make your child feel more comfortable and help get rid of a few apprehensions.
• Make it exciting: talk about what the new school year will entail in a positive and exciting way. Share your own school memories—tell your child about the school trip you went on when you were in the same grade or about a project you worked on as well as other age-appropriate incidents; this will help your child relate better.
• Watch your child: be alert for any signs of anxiety during the first couple of weeks. Talk to your child about their school day.
Returning to school can be overwhelming for some children; these tips will help you prepare your child for the new academic year and enable a stress free transition.


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S A Sudha is a content writer/editor and helps create marketing collateral for clients from different verticals. Sharing her varied and, at times, volatile parenting experiences, and reading about the parenting adventures of other parents has helped her to look at issues from a different perspective, and gain valuable insights on how to connect with teens. While not arguing with her teen, she loves to read, listen to music and watch Hindi movies.

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  1. Ankitha Sharma

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