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beGalileo – a personalised Math learning platform


Most classrooms have 30-60 children – individual attention is impossible in this scenario. Very few tuition centres and coaching classes offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Even if they did, the parent would need to ferry the child there! Math learning is a dreaded chore because the practice required for mastery of this subject is seen as a drill. Abstract concepts are difficult for the child to grasp. beGalileo aims to address all these problems associated with the learning of Math, with a personlised self-learning platform.
beGalileo’s claims examined
“Our adaptive learning platform understands the speed and style in which your child learns based on his/her interactions and modifies the presentation material accordingly.”

Yes, beGalileo is quite unlike a workbook that offers the same problems and questions to every child of the same age. After a diagnostic test that assesses the student’s learning gaps, the platform offers
the student challenges just a notch higher than his comfort level. Based on how the child answers the questions, subsequent problems are offered.

“Advanced students are no longer limited by the curriculum of their class! On mastering their syllabus, a grade 5 student can easily jump to grade 6 concepts or higher.”

The digital format ensures that the child can go to more challenging levels of work seamlessly. This is indeed a boon for a child, whose needs otherwise go unaddressed in a conventional classroom.

“Instant reports”
The parent has access to comprehensive information – which videos the child has watched, which practice tests are completed, which concepts the child has mastered, which he is progressing on, etc.

What we like
• beGalileo offers explanations for each problem as soon as the child answers (whether the answer is right or wrong). This immediate and real-time feedback is useful in cementing conceptual  understanding, and in strengthening weak areas.
• The child ‘earns coins’ every time he answers correctly. This impels the child to practice Math more and more.
• ‘Leaderboard’ lists the students who have won the most number of coins and badges through practice and good performance. Children would feel motivated when they see how their peers have fared.
• beGalileo assigns tests once the student is thorough in a concept. Parents can also assign revisions to the child.
• beGalileo can be accessed on a computer, laptop or tablet – useful for city dwellers who want long
drives in traffic to be productive!
• The videos are well crafted with examples from the real world, making it easy for the child to see
the role of Math in day to day life.

What could be better
• Information on how rewards and badges can be earned and redeemed could be made more
accessible to the user.


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