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The Best Antibiotic-cum-Painkiller Ever!

Benefits of spending time with kidsThis post has been contributed by Srinivasan T.

This week I am going to talk about a rejuvenation therapy that is unique and far superior to the ones offered by professionals – its success is guaranteed, it costs next to nothing, it is effective for all ages and genders and above all the effect is instantaneous. That it may have to be repeated at regular intervals is the only comparable feature with traditional therapies.

Well there is no need for any guess work. That miracle therapy is –a children’s program or group activity in sports. While I have been a steadfast believer of the benefits to the elderly from association with the young ones, a recent participation in the sports meet for young children enlightened me even further. Such a meet can work wonders for people across the entire age spectrum-3 to 80.

The children in the age group of 3 to 6 seriously trying to outsmart each other with their innocent gaffe showing up every now and then, the tireless teachers trying to guide, goad and motivate their wards, the proud and enthusiastic parents clapping and shouting to encourage the children, aged grand parents forgetting their knee,back, foot, shoulder ( it is an endless list) problems joining in the chorus—Can there be a better spectacle of pure , spontaneous and unbridled joy for one and all? I am now convinced that the company of young children is the best wide spectrum antibiotic for all stress related infections of the body and the mind. This is one addiction that can only work wonders. Any takers?

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One thought on “The Best Antibiotic-cum-Painkiller Ever!

  1. Aparajita Bose

    I bet this is what kept my grandparents going – the company of two granddaughters – decades back. They didn’t have the luxury of the company of even one of their sons’ families – one son worked far, far away, second son was super-busy with a highly successful doctor’s 24×7 job, thirs son was in the army. Of the two daughters, one worked from morning till evening to return tired to her parents, the other – my Mom – stayed districts away with her husband while I stayed with my cousin and my grandparents. Never did it occur to me then they were old enough to carry out their duties that were supposedly parents’ job. Never did I see my Grandma sitting depressed and listless, never did I see my Grandpa ceasing to stimulate two little brains with puzzles and questions after relating a story!
    This post evoked such beuatiful memories! Thank you, tsrinivasan!


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