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Booked for Life – more book reviews

Here are some more book reviews of great books for toddlers – many by Indian authors this time around.

catchCatch That Crocodile! by Anushka Ravishankar (3-5 years, thought-provoking enough for older children): Who can measure author Ravishankar’s inimitable style that blends and flows and paints pictures, while passing a message? Who will catch that crocodile that’s terrifying everyone in town?

Probin policeman with his stick?

Can Doctor Dutta do the trick?

Will Bhayanak Singh drag it away?

Or is the crocodile here to stay?

 But then there is another thought:

Who says a crocodile should be caught?

Hmmm. Exactly.


Are you Ready to Play Outside, by Mo Willems (3-5 years): Another beauty of the book examining contrasts. Elephant is cautious and Piggie is gung-ho. Elephant is practical while Piggie can be impulsive and reckless. Both go out to play, hoping for a run and worrying that it will rain.


Bee bim bopBee Bim Bop, by Linda Sue Park (3-5 years): Bee-Bim Bop (which translates as mix-mix rice) is a traditional Korean dish of rice topped, and then mixed, with meat and vegetables. In bouncy rhyming text, a hungry child tells about helping her mother make bee-bim bop: shopping, preparing ingredients, setting the table, and finally sitting down with her family to enjoy a favorite meal. Even if you don’t understand what the food is, any child will get absorbed in the book, the visual flavours and the superb illustrations and the easy rhyme.


Lenny and Tweek, by Klaus Bamgart (3-5 years): A book painted in water colours, this is another beauty. Lenny is looking for a friend. Then he meets Tweek and they spend the whole day looking for Lenny’s friend. Can you imagine anything sweeter than this endearing book on friendship.


tenTen, by Shefalee Jain (2-5 years): One little child is staring at something. Another joins him, then another . . . till finally ten little children are staring at something. What do they see? The suspense builds up, page after page, through text and picture, to an amusing climax. This beginner counting book has illustrations as innovative as the concept, in black and white pen-and-wash on paper. The children in the book are from different social backgrounds, communities and abilities.


Same and Different, written and illustrated by Manjula Padmanabhan (3-5 years): Same and Different is a multilingual picture puzzle book written by well known author and artist Manjula Padmanabhan. With fun filled verses, the book makes you glad about India and its diversity.


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