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Booked for Life

Top books you have to pick for your babies. They will want you to read them over and over again….

The head of a top chain of pre-schools asked me, ‘With e-books and apps and television channels devoted to children happening, what is it that will sell books in 5 years time?’ And my answer to her was: colours and quality production. For pre-schoolers and toddlers who have access to so much visual production a book gives them one thing that apps and TV do not – a chance to look, touch, read, feel and taste. Yes, toddlers constantly perceive things through their five sense and books allow them to do just that.

I’m constantly reading and picking books for children and young adults. A good book is an emotional experience. If you have a regular time and place to read every day, children will ask for some stories over and over again. Reading aloud helps children to remember words, phrases, and the sequence of a story.

Here are a few favourite reads for the really young ‘uns. Each of these books is priceless and a thing of beauty. I’ve picked up and lined them with no order in mind.

Green-300x297Green, by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (2-4 years): This one is a beauty. Less words, amazing visuals. It shows you what green means and tells you what it can mean. Green is an award-winning book.


This is not My Hat, by Jon Klassen (3 -5 years): Another book with great visuals. After I Want My Hat Back, award winning illustrator and writer comes Jon Klassen comes up with This Is Not my Hat. Little fish tries to outsmart a big one in a funny thief tale.


extrayarnExtra Yarn, by Mac Barnett (3 -5 years): Annabelle lives in a black-and-white world. Then one day she finds a box filled with yarn of every color. Armed with the yarn and knitting needles, she makes herself a sweater and then goes on to knit for her dog, her classmates, and for all and sundry around her, including bunnies and bears. And when she still has coloured yarn left she decides to cover everything around her—houses, cars, mailboxes—with the same. Soon an evil archduke with a sinister mustache “who was very fond of clothes” hears about the magic box of never-ending yarn, and he wants it for his own. This is one of those picture books that will engage listeners of all age.


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2 thoughts on “Booked for Life

  1. Harsha

    Thank you so much Vini. I’m going to order a copy of green ASAP for my 2 yr old. Looking fwd to more reviews

  2. Ada K. Walter

    These books will help kids 3 to 5 years old discover the joy of reading. Browse this list of new and classic children’s books recommended by the Quicklists Consulting Committee of the Association for Library Services to Children, a division of the American Library Association , and start reading along with your preschooler today!


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