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Brilrider Balance Bike | ParentEdge


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Brilrider Balance Bike

Industrial Research Corporation sells the Brilrider balance bike – a bicycle without pedals and training wheels — to help children aged one to fi ve years learn how to balance. The ParentEdge editorial team tested the product and also spoke to buyers to review this product.
 “Simple design, for easy handling”
We agree, the product is fuss-free, ideal for young children.

 12″ EVA tubeless tyres make Brilrider more than 48% lighter than other bicycles without trainer wheels and 66% lighter than steel bikes with trainer wheels!
The product certainly feels much lighter than conventional bicycles for the same age group.

 Ultra-light metal frame – it’s so light (less than 3.2 kgs) that even a 2 year old can lift it!
The capability to lift Brilrider will differ from child to child. We can safely say that an average three-year-old will be able to lift it.

 Great for indoor and outdoor use
The product does lend itself to indoor use, but if your home has tiled fl ooring, then caution should be exercised; the tyres tend to slip. Also, the seller recommends the use of a helmet and footwear with Brilrider, both of which will be hard to enforce indoors.

 No brakes — children intuitively put their feet down at the remotest sense of uncertainty. Young children fi nd it tough to effectively use brakes
confi dent, we found that the absence of a brake can cause stressful situations, especially indoors, when the child has gained comfort with the Brilrider, and is going at a high speed.

 With its simple pedal-free and handlebar-limiter-free design, “Brilrider“ helps the child learn to balance by the age of 3 (Please note that children’s abilities vary and your child may start balancing sooner or later than other children)

Our interviews with buyers showed that young children below three years indeed have learnt to balance on the Brilrider. We did not, however, record transition to riding a regular bicycle without training wheels. Perhaps this is because Brilrider was launched only in the year 2012, and most people have bought it only recently.

 Features and specs
We like

  • Fun quotient of the product
  • EVA tubeless tyres – no more flat tyres!
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Product conforms to CE EN71 -1, 2 and 3 child safety norms

We not-so-like

  • Slightly difficult assembly (instructions can be clearer) and absence of the right tool in the kit provided – many buyers(including us!) used additional tools from their homes.
  • No hand brake – essential when the child is zipping around.
  • No stand – difficult to ‘park’ the bike and the child is likely to leave it ‘in the way’ increasing risk of damage to both the bike
    and to other individuals!

 What you should be prepared for

  • Initial reluctance in a child less than two years old.
  • Disinterest in four-year-olds who already have a bike with training wheels.
  • Your child may outgrow Brilrider by four years of age, especially if he is tall.

Online at www.brilindia.com/bril_rider.php, and at Bril resellers and select retail outlets.

 Cost effectiveness
At Rs. 3990, Brilrider is not exactly economical, but the price should be viewed in light of the fact that it is indeed a unique product.

 Last word
We think that the one to five year old band set by the seller is too wide – the product is apt for two to four year olds.
Consider buying it if you have a two-year-old at home who has only driven a tricycle – he can “walk, run, stride, ride” with a Brilrider.
Do not buy if you have a 4+-year-old at home already zipping around on a bike with training wheels – he is unlikely to be fascinated with the Brilrider long enough to learn to balance with it!

Buyers’ Voices

  • “Tricycle is useless….in Brilrider braking is by legs, so my child handles everything well. He is cautious that he should
    not bump into things.”
          – Chakra, Trichy, Usage 1.25 – 2 years
  • “My child has learnt to balance but will use maximum up to 3.5 years.”
          – Vikram Shitole, Pune, Usage 2.5 – 3.25 years
  • “My child has learnt to balance with Brilrider but elders in the family do not allow me to remove the balancing wheel on
    his regular bicycle.”
          – Neha Kothari, Mumbai, Usage 3.1 – 3.9 years
  • “Brilrider seems easier to use than a conventional bike. I think he can use it up to 4 years.”
          – Ms. Parul Mittal, Hyderabad, Usage 3 – 3.5 years
  • “I am happy that my son learnt how to cycle with almost no injuries, in just a month, that too at a very tender age.”
          – Ms. Srichakri, Hyderabad, Usage 1.5 – 2 years
  • “My son has not yet got the hang of using Brilrider. I think it differs from child to child; I have seen other children take
    to it very fast.”
          – Mr. Uttam Ganapathy, Bangalore, Usage 1.75 – 2.25 years