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Built a Robot at Home!

Built a Robot at Home!

Material RequiredBrush Robot

You need basic material to build your own Brush Robot.
• Shoe Brush or any big Brush
• Toy Motor (Any old motor from a broken toy would also work)
• Zipties
• AA Batteries (2)
• A battery holder for the two AA batteries
• On/off switch
• Wire Jumpers/Wires
• Weight (Old 3 pin or 2 Pin Plug)
• Googly Eyes (stick-on plastic eyes that come with craft kits)
• Double sided tape

Step #1: Test the battery and motor
Insert the batteries into the battery holder. Now connect the two terminals of motor to the two terminals of battery using the wires. The motor should spin.

Step #2: Fix the vibration weight
Tighten the off centring weight (use any old 2 pin or 3 pin plug pin) on the shaft of the motor as shown. A vibrating motor is essentially a motor that is improperly balanced. In other words, there is an off-centred weight attached to the motor’s shaft that causes the motor to wobble. The amount of wobble can be changed by the amount of weight that you attach, the weight’s distance from the shaft, and the speed at which the motor spins.

Step #3: Cut and fix the tape.
Use scissors to cut sized pieces of double-sided tape into required size. Stick three pieces of tape on the brush.

Step #4: Attach the parts
Place the battery holder, switch and motor on the top of the brush as shown in the picture below. Attachthe vibration motor firmly. (If it is loose, the vibrations shall not be transmitted to the brush.) The vibration weight should be free to move.

Step #5: Connect and tie the wiresMotor connect
With the help of wires, connect the three components as shown         in the picture.

Tie the together with the help of zip tie.

Step #6: Add Googly eyes
Now add small pieces of double side tape at the back of googly eyes and paste them on the front of brush.

How it works
A brush bot is an extremely simple form of a walking robot. It is one of the simplest of all mobile robots, both in its function and its construction. The mass of bristles are oriented so that there is an overall inclination to them away from vertical. This is broadly consistent across the robot body, so that it gives a preferred “forward” direction. The robot is driven by vibrating its body. The action of these vibrations through the mass of bristles is to gradually move the robot, in the preferential direction of the bristles. (Crude locomotion) Tie the together with the help of zip tie.

– Sandeep Sharma



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