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Ridikulus’s Ramblings

What the robbery victim said when he waved at the windshield of the thieves’ car: The hood winked.   What the restaurant manager said when a customer brought homecooked food to eat in the...

Professional Pransk with Professor U.Binhad

These aren’t your every day, run-of-the-mill whoopee cushion or switch-the-sugar-for-the-salt pranks – these are the real thing. Here’s how a few enterprising tricksters managed to hoodwink...

Quiz Time

Celebrating the spirit of April Fool’s Day   (more…)

Christmas Trivia

Can you find all the Christmas-themed words in the puzzle below?   (more…)

Weather Wiz

a) Below are pictures of extreme weather events. Can you name them? b) Re-arrange the alphabets to find the word. YLOCCEN : _______________ NSAD MOTSR : _______________ U R I C R H N EA :...

Sudoku for Kids

Try your hand at this Sudoku. Remember that numbers 1 to 6 can appear only once in each of the six rectangles. They can also appear only once in each row, column and diagonal of the overall...

Unusual Word


Number Combinations