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Celebrities have to be positive role models for children

I am appalled when famous people engage in behaviors that are bad – in the extreme. When the Tiger woods scandal broke, I was one of his fiercest critics, while many of my friends (who are golfers and his fans) felt that his private life was not our business. When celebrities like Tiger Woods or Justin Bieber indulge in damaging and destructive behaviours such as driving under the influence of alcohol, engaging in drug use or promiscuous behaviour, they are influencing a host of followers to behave in the same manner with disastrous results. Celebrities might get away with such behaviour, but it is much more difficult for people like you and me to get away with such behaviour and we end up paying a steep price.

While it is nice to believe that the only positive role models out there are Mom and Dad, unfortunately, this is not true. Celebrities can and should take on this task. While children are always watching parents for ideas on how to behave, and get their value systems from home, they are also looking for a way to learn from celebrities. Through positive behaviours, which get reported, celebrities can influence kids on almost any topic from education to career to dressing to sports.

I am waiting for the day when a successful celebrity is in the news because of the celebrity’s good deed and not because he got caught drunk or died of a drug overdose. Such a celebrity will definitely motivate and inspire children to behave better. They owe it to them.


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Renuka Vaidyanathan, an erstwhile finance professional, opted out of the corporate rat race and now likes to think that she wears many interesting hats. She is an events’ organiser in the cultural space and also writes every now and then about people, places and events. She is an avid advocate of 'green living' and dabbles in some sitar-playing as well, albeit as an amateur.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrities have to be positive role models for children

  1. Shweta Chooramani

    Very relevant post Renuka. Through out the post one phrase got glued in my mind “unglamorous mom and dad”, yes that is what we have reduced to. Few days back i happen to meet a girl in her early teens. In process of hi hello i asked what her mother do, she replied “she is a housewife. Pause. She simply sits at home”. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated at the same time. Because these days every smart woman is working, stylish celebrity, so her mother giving her time seems a waste.

    Parenting is tough and plight is nobody can learn it from anywhere but own experiences.

    Do drop in at our personal blog The Sinhas at No. 302 sometime, http://sinhasat302.blogspot.in/


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