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Chalk and Cheese | ParentEdge


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Chalk and Cheese

Chalk and Cheese (www.wisegeek

I was told this many times over by older, wiser and ‘been-there-done-that’ parents – that my children will have very little in common when it comes to preferences, habits, personalities and attitudes. Despite being mentally prepared, I am quite taken aback as my children grow, and the differences show up. After all, sharing the same roof, environment, and adults  for bulk of their days (and not to forget at least 50% of their genes), should my daughter and son not resemble each other more? But no, on some counts, they are so markedly different, that they are at opposite ends of the spectrum – sample this :

  • My four year old son painstakingly puts back all the pieces of the jigsaw and returns it to the cupboard. My daughter leaves the four books that she was reading on the couch to join us for dinner (after the fifth reminder)
  • My son loves Dr. Seuss, my daughter could not stand him
  • My daughter loves to retell the songs and stories she hears at school, my son will only sing to himself with the door closed
  • While on a road-trip holiday, my daughter hates ‘living out of a suitcase – packing and unpacking almost every day’, my son actually likes exploring different rooms and gardens each day

When your children are so different, it is nice to be  remember that each child is an individual by himself….but the surprise does not wane anyway. Are your children like chalk and cheese too?


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Ramya G. is an Editor at ParentEdge. Her interactions with her two children reaffirm her belief that growing children have infinite potential. Her interest in nurturing young intellects is rivalled only by her love for writing.

5 thoughts on “Chalk and Cheese

  1. ramyas

    Oh yes, totally! The older one carries the typical Bangalore attitute of “simply adjust maadi.” My younger one is nicknamed Fusspot! But, of course, what’s life without a little variety !! Nice post, Ramya – enjoyed reading it.

  2. amrita.pai

    :-)) You are absolutely bang on! But then, if everyone was similar in nature and deed, the world would be a very boring place, wouldn’t it?

  3. Ramya

    True, Amrita, Variety is the spice of life!

    Nature vs nurture – a topic for a future cover story, what do you say, fellow editor? :-)

    Namesake, loved the ‘adjust maadi’ observation – Rohan’s growing into a true-blue Bangalorean, huh?

  4. Renuka Vaidyanthan

    My two girls are like chalk and cheese too- I used to jokingly say that one was all style and the other all substance! As they have grown older, the style and substance quotients have become more balanced, but the basic differences remain and that’s what makes for an interesting life (albeit stressful) for me as a parent.


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