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How to keep children safe in schools: some things that schools can do | ParentEdge


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Child Safety in Schools

Child safety

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After reading about the horrendous things happening with kids at schools – from being molested by school bus drivers to being sexually assaulted by school teachers – I get really scared about my kid’s well-being in the one institution (after home) where he is supposed to be safe and protected! Do you as young parents get scared when you read or hear about these incidents wherein a six year old was brutally raped by the security guard and her gym teacher? What are your reactions to these cases and what are school authorities doing in such cases? Aren’t schools responsible for the kind of staff they recruit? These were just a handful of questions that were asked by the agitated parents. But did they get any answers? And were the answers satisfactory enough for the parents or was it just to put the matter at rest?!

There were lots of debates regarding this topic. Psychiatrists, psychologists and numerous young parents came forth to speak about the issue! This particular incident happened in the IT city of the country – Bangalore – but what about the national capital – Delhi? How does it fare in terms of creating a safe environment for children within their premises? Two prominent schools in my area (Dwarka, New Delhi) follow safety norms that are strict and compulsory for students and teachers alike. One of the top schools of Dwarka was in MMS trouble and since then schools here at Dwarka in particular, and in Delhi in general have become stricter in the safety norms that they have in place for their students and teachers.

Some of those norms are listed here along with the repercussions of not following them:

1. No mobile phones in the schools

This is apparently the most needed developments in the schools these days, as kids as young as six are known to be phone savvy. While it can prove to be a boon of sorts, it is generally seen as a curse at the school premises. Hence most of the schools in Dwarka don’t encourage the use of mobile phones for both teachers and students.


2. Compulsory for students, staff and cleaning staff to wear I-cards  

Any suspicious element or a person is easily identifiable if he or she is not wearing his or her I-card. The cleaning staff at most of the schools have a proper uniform thus giving them the identity and sense of belongingness. Anyone without a uniform has to fill a visitors’ register both at the entrance and at the reception. Thus ensuring that there are proper records of anyone entering or leaving the premises during the school timings!


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