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Children – The Best Teachers

Each day is a unique gift from God. Unique as it comes with new experiences and new learnings each day. The experiences could be good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, but they certainly teach us new lessons and add to our personal growth.

Children teach us better ways to live our lives :  We all have seen children fighting over petty issues several times, like adults. But unlike adults, they forget and are friendly with each other again within few minutes. Adults, the so-called mature people need to learn to keep their big egos aside and unite again after their fights, like children.

Children teach us how to express:   Ever seen a child crying when he is sad or unhappy about something in his life, and laughing out loud when he is happy? We adults have forgotten to feel the happiness in the everyday gifts given by nature. Like curbing our happiness we curb our sorrows too, as we feel that expressing our tears in front of the other person would show our weakness in front of him. Laughing out loud and shedding tears is just a part of our emotional development and as a human being there is nothing wrong in expressing these feelings, provided they are done at the right time and in the right manner. After all, this is one of the qualities that differentiates us from animals.

Children teach us to live life minus worries: We always find things to worry about; it could be our own future or the future of our children or loved ones. But one thing in common about all this is – future, which in itself is one aspect about which none of us knows precisely. Ever seen a child worrying about anything that will happen say 10 years from now? He just lives in the moment. He leads life without the stress of tomorrow, whereas we adults pull in our future to today and thus, spoil today completely.

Children – the best educationists : I feel that if you want to learn and understand something, start explaining it to a child. I recall my childhood, when I used to spend days cramming notes before the exams. The entire process needed a lot of effort. But it would soon be forgotten once the exams were over, never to be found in the memory box again. But today when I help my little ones in their studies and explain those same concepts to them, I feel that it is now that I understand them well and remember them too. In addition to it, I can apply the same in my life in a better way.


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Raina Bajaj has worked in the education sector for many years now. Working with children in their formative years has given her insight into in understanding children’s needs, aspirations, desires and psychology. It is her belief that what we teach our children is not always important, but how we teach them makes a huge difference in shaping their overall personality.

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