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Children’s fear of the dark

Fear is a normal part of development and is usually seen in children between two and nine years of age. Fears develop when a child is old enough to have an imagination, but is not yet able to distinguish fiction from reality. It also is common for ordinary stress and anxiety to come up at night – when children can’t exactly name what’s making them uneasy, it may come out as imagined beings.
Such fears become a cause for serious concern only when they go on long enough – or are strong enough – that they interfere significantly with a child’s sleep or with his ability to play and learn during daytime. In that case, it would be wise to make sure that he hasn’t experienced something traumatic, and seek professional help.
I often read my son this poem by Ruskin Bond at bed time-
Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
Don’t be afraid of the dark, little one
The earth must rest when the day is done
The sun may be harsh, but moonlight -never!
And those stars will be shining forever and ever,
Be friends with the Night, there is nothing to fear,
Just let your thoughts travel to friends far and near,
By Day, it must seem that our troubles won’t cease,
But at night, late at night ,the world is at peace .


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