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Choosing the Right Playschool for your Child: Tips

Choosing the Right Playschool for your Child Tips copyA playschool is a place where your kid will not only learn to live away from you for a couple of hours amongst his peer group, but also the place where he will get his first idea of school. Hence, while selecting a playschool for your child do ensure that you are fully satisfied with the school and its philosophy. Choose a school that feels right and not one that has been advertised as the best. Here are few pointers that you need to keep in mind when making a decision:

1. Playschool environment

In the initial years, it is important to keep a track of the cognitive development of a child. Cognitive is defined as an act of or pertaining to the act or process of knowing, perceiving, remembering; and good play schools know the importance of cognitive development and hence insist on ‘I play I learn’ method of teaching. When you are visiting the school look out for number and alphabets charts made in a creative manner to lure the young minds. Take a look at the play area as well – is it well equipped with age-appropriate toys and are they colourful to hold the attention of a pre-schooler? This apart, take a look at the play area in the compound as well – are there slides that have no sharp edges, are they easily accessible or would your child require help from his teachers? Keep a record of sorts while visiting all the possible play schools in your area so that at the end of the week you have some substantial findings, thus making your choice easier.

2. Learning in playway

This is the age when your child is developing his gross motor skills, emotional and behavioural skills; hence it is important that the learning is done in a playful manner rather than by rote method. A good playschool will always teach with lots of audio-visual teaching aids. For instance, there will be audio story sessions, play acting by teachers and of course visual treats for the kids. A good playschool will also ensure that the child is left alone to choose what he wants to play with and how he wants to play sometimes, thus letting him decide whether he wants to play with building blocks of ascending order, or he wants to play with animal puzzles or he wants to play with the ball.

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