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Coin Collecting

Heads or tails? Have both! New coins freshly minted or old currency that was used by ancient traders back in time – own them all!

The ‘tail’ of the matter

Coin-collecting as a hobby began a long time ago. Infact, historical records show that it was popular in ancient Rome and during the medieval ages in Mesopotamia. Scholars and state treasuries in the ancient world catalogued coins, as did emperors and kings who indulged in this expensive pastime. Of course, aeons ago, coins were avidly collected for their monetary or bullion value, and hence this was an expensive hobby – literally a ‘Hobby of the Kings’.

The ‘head’ of the matter

Today’s coin collector looks for more than just bullion value from a coin – artistic value, history and rarity are also prized. And as a hobby, it is somewhat more affordable today! Sadly, coin collecting is fast losing its charm and value in an increasingly credit card/cashless world.

Here’s your chance to bring it back!

How to begin

What you need to get started is maybe a few coins, and a coin starter kit from a toy or hobby store, comprising a magnifying glass, an instruction
manual, and a coin collecting album.

What to collect? Well, whatever you want to! Your coin album can include different sections on coins from a particular year or mint, some minted for a special occasion, coins from a particular country, or simply a series of coins.

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