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Communication – The Core of Parenting

Learning while teaching:

The coach Mr. Kichu Krishnan, while travelling in the US recently, was amazed when he saw at restaurants and public places, families with understanding, well-behaved children, in contrast to the tantrum-throwing children he often came across in India. He pondered over what the reasons could be. One thought that emerged was that possibly, children feel at ease there because adults are equally open to receiving feedback, as they are with giving pointers to children. They acknowledge that there is room for improvement and are ready to accept when they make mistakes. However, in our country, adults are seen finding fault with children and reprimanding them all the time, taking a high pedestal. When adults are open to receiving feedback and correcting themselves, children too do not feel defensive and take ownership of their behaviour.

These are a few examples of the immense learning that we obtained at the workshop. We highly recommend this workshop to all families interested in a better way of being and living.


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