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Coping With Bullies

Step 4: Build your army – Surround yourself with people who care about you and who appreciate you for exactly who you are. Look for clubs at your school or community centres where you can find people of similar interests, if you already do not have good friends.

Step 5: Travel in packs – Stick close to your friends. It will be hard for a bully to get to you, if you are with your trusted group

Step 6: Get out of there. This is your go-to option if you find yourself caught up with a bully who will not stop tormenting you.

Step 7: Go find your friends or go get help. Find someone you can talk to. Speak out, as nobody has the right to make you feel unsafe, uncomfortable or unhappy. Find someone you can trust – a teacher, a counsellor/coach, a friend or parents and tell them what’s going on. There is no reason for you need to tackle this problem, all by yourself. There are people there who will do anything to help you.

Step 8: If you feel confident, look in the bully in his eye, and tell him that his behaviour is inappropriate and that you will do whatever it takes to protect yourself. Sometimes, just demonstrating the courage can send the bully home.


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