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Cryptology as a Career

What can a high schooler interested in cryptology do to preparE for a career in cryptology?
I think he/she can explore and research various possible attacks. he/she can also learn how mathematical problems like prime factorization and quadratic residue or other NP problems are used in cryptographic systems. There are tools like gcrypt and some open source APIs for Linux – he/ she can play with these tools and write simple programs using these APIs.

Dhananjoy Dey has been working as a cryptographer with the Government of India for the last 10 years. The details of his work are confidential, but here are his guidelines for student aspirants:
What are the prerequisites to become a good cryptologist?
Good understanding of finite fields, number theory, polynomial ring over finite fields and probability theory.
What kind of jobs can an aspirant look forward to?
There are many opportunities in the public (academia, banking sector and defence) as well as in private sector (especially in research).
What can a high schooler interested in cryptology do to prepare for a career in cryptology?
Most high school students are exposed to mobile technologies, AT M cards and secure email (https://). Applications that involve cryptology are all around them. It will be good if they research with a curious mind and understand how cryptology is applied in day-to-day life.


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