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Dealing with Serious Injuries in School

Don’t let anyone make fun of him or her: Last but definitely not the least don’t let anyone make fun of your child on account of his injury because that will destroy his confidence in himself and he will further find excuses to avoid school. Talk to his class teacher about this and help your child deal with the pain in a positive manner.


Communicating with school authorities post such injuries

As a parent it will be natural for you to feel anger, pain and hurt and you would want to shout at the school authorities; however that won’t solve your purpose besides that will not ease his pain. So before you start venting your anger at them here are few tips that will help you deal with the authorities in a calm, sophisticated manner!

Structure your thoughts: It is better to approach the school authorities with properly structured thoughts than communicating with them incoherently to avoid confusion and to send a clear message to the authorities. If the injury has happened after the school hours but at the school grounds then gently remind them that till the child reaches his or her home it is the moral duty of the school to take care of children.

Don’t retaliate or lose your cool: Remember, that as a school they also have certain limitations and that beyond certain point the authorities may start ignoring you or your concerns. Whereas our basic purpose as parents is to receive an assurance that it was just an unfortunate accident and one that will not be repeated again. And if you lose your cool the authorities will do what they are best in doing – shrugging off their responsibility and saying that if you have complaints against the school then you are welcome to change the school. So remain calm and try to find out a common ground with the authorities so that your child feels safe coming to school and you are less worried.


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3 thoughts on “Dealing with Serious Injuries in School

  1. Ignatius Fernandez

    Swati, very good points. Needed for all parents – even those who do not have such problems now. They could happen at any time.
    Wouldn’t you like to add to the list the following point:
    Contact the school and ensure some form of communication between the school and parents, as soon as such incidents occur – Persuading them not to take such happenings lightly.
    Also, influence others in the family not to get hassled when such incidents are reported. As you rightly put it – it is part of growing up.
    By having this line of communication open with the school, parents are better prepared to deal with them, before their child reports it to them.
    Thank you again. God bless.

  2. Swati

    Thank you for the feedback! Coming from you this is indeed valuable and yes that is another point that can be added to the blog. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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