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Designing Laptop Covers | ParentEdge


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Designing Laptop Covers

Laptops are essential tools today – for work, study and entertainment – but take a look at most laptop covers – yawn! They’re usually plain; the colours are dull! Isn’t this boring? The covers are designed to keep the laptop free from scratches and from getting damaged, but with a little bit of tweaking, they can be attractive and great accessories as well! Here’s a simple way to design a cover that will make your laptop look amazing AND keep it safe from accidents.

You will need:

  • Coloured card (thick paper) – choose your favourite colour. You could even use a combination of colours to make your cover brighter and bolder!
  • Ordinary/craft scissors and glue
  • Blu-tack or regular liquid glue
  • Pencils, colours, crayons – whatever art supplies you enjoy working with
  • Other decorations (sequins, feathers, glitter, stickers, etc.)

What you need to do:

  • Cut the piece of card to fit your laptop, making it slightly smaller (when it is laminated it will be stiff and stick out beyond the edges of the laptop). You can even use special craft scissors to create shapes and patterns at the edges.
  • Get creative and start designing! You could draw or paint your name, an attractive design, your favourite logo…the possibilities are endless! Draw, paint or stick pictures. Add any extra little bits you want – feathers or sequins, sprinkle glitter, use stickers – anything that makes your cover attractive and attention-grabbing!
  • Wait for your design to dry. If you’re using paint, glue or glitter, it’s best to wait till the next day. • Take your completed cover to a shop to be laminated. Most shops can laminate your cover for you in less than an hour. The lamination will prevent your cover from getting crumpled or damaged.
  • Stick your finished and laminated cover on your laptop. You can use blu-tack which is not messy and will attach the cover quickly. Additionally, if you want to change the cover later, blu-tack will allow you to remove the cover easily enough. Alternatively, you could also use regular liquid glue which will allow the cover to stick smoothly without any of the lumps associated with blu-tack.

And there you have it – a one-of-a-kind super-cool, personalised laptop cover!


  • These laptop covers make great gifts for family and friends! You can specially customise them for birthdays or anniversaries. What better than a cover full of wonderful memories?
  • Ever thought about themed covers? You could make two or three, and change them from time to time. For winter, you could have a snowman and Christmas tree. And for summer, you could have a giant ice cream or a picture of a beach.
  • If you do not want to create a laptop cover from scratch, you could also consider taking a regular laptop sleeve, and simply decorating it as you wish.


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