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Disability and Parenthood: Refute or Salute

The couple which reaches this last stage has already survived a planet of obstacles and may be their will power can navigate the ocean of planned parenthood too. However, apparently, in the age of designer babies, the fear of having an imperfect or slow or less functional baby from the womb of a woman with disability rears its head, and the couple succumbs to this pressure, likely to opt for adoption or surrogacy instead.

To add on, there are endless myths attached to disability, which simply reinforce the belief that PWDs cannot make good mothers.

May be the first baby step towards creating sensitization is to profile parents who have surmounted disability and have given birth to a healthy child. This will raise the confidence of future parents with disabilities to come out of their cocoons and cherish that one moment like our parents do.

Say yes to positivity, Say yes to planned parenthood.Quote


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Shweta Chooramani is Manager of Corporate Fundraising at NGO Samarthanam, which works for the empowerment of persons with disabilities through education, sports, rehabilitation and income generation activities. She fulfills her love for writing by contributing to several blogs, along with being a full-time mother. Her personal blog can be read at http://sinhasat302.blogspot.in/

12 thoughts on “Disability and Parenthood: Refute or Salute

  1. Chetna mehrotra

    Salute to this!!! Beautifully written and wonderfully expressed.Shweta thank you for creating awareness about this ignored but very important subject in the society.I hope and pray that people should come out of societal pressures and stigma attached to it.Time to be human,behave human and think Human!!!!

  2. SSK

    Well-written! I know what you mean when you say “if a woman is not able to take care of herself, how is she going to fulfil the responsibilities of motherhood?” My aunt has suffered from partial paralysis but she has raised two beautiful daughters all by herself. It must have been challenging, especially when the girls were small, but she has managed just as well (if not better) as a “normal” mother would have. I think being a mother gives you that strength.

    1. Shweta Chooramani

      Thanks Shuchi. I salute to all those woman who have undergone this. As you said rightly, being a mother gives you that strength.

  3. Annapurna chavali

    This is a lovely post. This and giving birth to a disable child is constantly on mind. Being a physiotherapist and a public health person, treating a child with disability was always difficult, especially, when the outcome was known to be not very positive. How does one balance ensuring the child that he/she has the same opportunities as the next child and aalso prepare the child for societal challenges? And not to forget the parents’ turmoil. Nevertheless, they are beautiful and just being a child.

    1. Shweta Chooramani

      Thanks Annapurna. The dilemma a mother goes through plus the societal pressure. Will keep coming back to you for more clues on this subject to write about.

  4. Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

    Hi Shweta,
    Nice to be here,
    Here, I am via A to z Fb page
    good piece here, yes, in fact
    this 20+ lady proved
    “Disability is not a liability”
    Yes. History is filled with lot
    of such courageous people
    Thanks Shweta for sharing this incident
    C U At A to Z pages
    Happy Blogging

  5. Shweta Chooramani

    Thanks for reading Philip, as you rightly summarized, disability is not a liability. Looking forward for A to Z challenge, all the best.


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