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Does Summer Break Break your Patience Level?

No-one knows better than a parent about his/her child’s interest and special skills. Depending on the same, ask your child what activity he/she would be interested in. Then enrol your child for these activities so she/he can gain competence in the chosen area. Do not send him/her for these activities just because you want to keep him/her busy and do not overburden your child by making him/her join too many activities at the same time. Remember, quality is better than quantity.

Fix up a schedule for your child to do his/her  holiday homework. Depending on the type of work and the level of the class, 2-4 hours a day would be enough. Let your child pick up that time for himself/herself. But ensure that it is followed religiously.

Give your ward enough free time to play with his/her friends. This not only helps in their physical fitness but also makes them confident, helps in enhancing their decision making skills, encourages them to solve their own problems and rquips them to handle peer pressure. It is extremely essential for the overall development of your child.

You can make TV time a family time by taking interest in programs your child likes to watch. This could be the time when lot of values and life skills can be taught to your child. If you feel that a particular program is not appropriate for your child, you can tactfully move to another one. However, a number of concerns can be discussed during this time and you can help your ward to distinguish between right and wrong.

I am sure, by following these simple steps, you can make vacations a truly memorable time for your child, and you yourself will wiat eagerly for this time each year!



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Raina Bajaj has worked in the education sector for many years now. Working with children in their formative years has given her insight into in understanding children’s needs, aspirations, desires and psychology. It is her belief that what we teach our children is not always important, but how we teach them makes a huge difference in shaping their overall personality.

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