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Don’t Grow up So Soon

Don’t Grow up So Soon


It seems just yesterday when you were born,

when I first took you in my arms.

I felt deep deep warmth inside,

when you lay asleep beside.

I kept staring you again and again,

how to call you…your name?


You kept us awake endless nights.

There was no relief in sight.

The days all vanished, don’t know where?

They all just flew in your love and care.


Though you were a joyous bundle,

but not so easy to handle.

With each passing day I prayed,

Oh!  Grow up soon, I always said.


Now you are grown up, entering your teens,

a lot many changes I see in your dreams.

It is so difficult to accept your facts,

handling you is now more of a tact.


I wonder and ask myself often,

which time was more of a challenge?

Was it the time when you were in my hands,

or now when you want all things in your hands?


Now I pray and wish everyday

to move time to your starting day.

With you beside me I’ll lay

Life was wonderful that ways….

(Dedicated to my 13-year old loving daughter)


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Raina Bajaj has worked in the education sector for many years now. Working with children in their formative years has given her insight into in understanding children’s needs, aspirations, desires and psychology. It is her belief that what we teach our children is not always important, but how we teach them makes a huge difference in shaping their overall personality.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Grow up So Soon

  1. Ashwini Skumar

    Daughters are so precious!!! Yes, with each day of their growing years, we keep wondering!! But, I am sure, they are with us always , unlike sons!


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