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Learning at Home Through Everyday Activities

Is it really necessary to teach young children so many different concepts? Wouldn’t free play be better at their age?

Free play is better. Children are naturally curious at this age. They will question everything around them and you can answer them. And in this way, very naturally, many ‘concepts’ get addressed. Again, bear in mind that you should not  drill anything in their heads hoping to prepare them for school or an interview. Let everything be joyous and at their own pace. It’s at this age that they can have the most ‘free’ fun. Let them be.

How can we encourage curiosity and learning in children even when they are older and ensure ‘life-long’ learning?

The best way to encourage curiosity in children is to support them in whatever their interests are. Give them a bit of free space and allow them to explore. This especially holds good for slightly older children. Allow them as much exposure as possible in their chosen directions. Make sure they have the aptitude for it; it would not do for your child to be disillusioned and dejected. Just be there for your child every step of the way. Faith in them is the best way to guarantee their success.

- Chinmayi Suri, 15 years, Bangalore


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