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Preparing for Primary School Interviews


Keep in mind that while IQ, general knowledge and reasoning are important, it is EQ that can take a child a step further. Help children understand, and then learn to appreciate and develop opinions on what they understand.

 Helping your child handle the pressure

Often there is immense pressure on children as they go into the in4interview or interaction room. This pressure can cause them to draw a complete blank during the interview. It is upto you to ensure that your child does not feel stressed even as he is preparing for an interview.

While you will have expectations of your child, letting him know, directly or indirectly, will not make him feel better. Play down the importance or seriousness of the interview to make the child feel comfortable. Also, children have a tendency to shirk away from meeting strangers. Try to encourage them to speak with people they don’t know (with parental permission, of course!), and become more confident around strangers.

The interview process can seem somewhat overwhelming, especially for busy parents. Most parents are in agreement that the interview asks too much of their children and exerts too much pressure on them. Unfortunately, in several  cities, it is hard to avoid this interview if you want your child to get into the best schools. If you plan to try for admission at one of these schools, prepare well; but keep in mind the necessity for constant creative learning as well.  That unexplainable sense of wonder we feel when  we’re young is infinitely more valuable than a single 20-minute interview. Rigorous preparation is important, but be careful that you do not discourage that wonder. Imaginative learning outweighs everything else; admissions interviews included!

- Karan Arora
16 years, Bangalore



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