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Should students only aim for reputed universities? How should they measure ‘REPUTATION?’

There is no doubt that there are obvious advantages to being in a prestigious school; however, there are also great  outcomes out of schools that many Indian families have never heard of. Many of the strong Liberal Arts and Science schools are not known in India but students get into top graduate programmes and great jobs from these. The best analogy that I ever read was that we would never measure how good a hospital is by how healthy the patients who went there were. So why should we rate the university by how strong the students who get in there are? Look beyond the aura of the school and see what they are doing. I, for one, believe that you should connect to how much importance is given to undergraduate teaching at the school. It does not help to be in a school full of Nobel Laureates if they only teach graduate students and do research.


“Parents should not hover above like helicopters; they should be one of the key resources that are available.”

‘Been there, Done that’ – Mother-Daughter Duo on the exploration of undergrad studies abroad


Urmi Basu

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your daughter? What was your approach to the application process?







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