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Back to School Checklist

Everyone gets tired of the routine; which is why your children’s summer holidays are a delightful break for parents as well, at the beginning at least! Of course, one week into the summer vacation, and you are longing for school to reopen again, wistfully envisaging all the free time you will have then (unless of course, you took some tips from our Issue 5 cover story on Summer Fun!)!

Well, rejoice – it’s that time of the year again, time for children to pack up their school bags, take their lunch boxes in hand and step into the fray of a new term. But the most challenging thing about this is re-establishing a routine – settling into the groove once again and getting accustomed to having your life run by alarm clocks and time tables. While you will no doubt look into organising your child’s things and activities, remember that you need to also re-adjust your own schedule to complement theirs.

Here’s a little something to help you so you don’t feel overwhelmed by it all – some checklists and tips that will help you transition efficiently
back to school-life.

Ring out the Old, Bring in the New The start of a new academic year is also the best time to de-clutter and clear out the mess in your child’s room, a mess that most likely has multiplied exponentially over the summer holidays! It’s time to clear out all old and unused things and make space for the new. Be sure to involve your children in this process as well so they don’t feel like you threw away their things without asking them! Sort through:

  • Old and outgrown clothes.
  • Old textbooks: check if there are any financially disadvantaged children who will be glad to use these.
  • Old and used notebooks: go straight to the raddiwala.
  • Other books: if your child has outgrown some of the books on her shelf, give these away to a library.

Be sure to clear enough space on bookshelves and table tops for all the new material that will arrive with a new year at school. Countdown to the New Academic Year Shopping for the new academic year can make many demands on your wallet and on your time. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind as you prepare for the start of term :


Tip: Back to School Shopping

  • Make a comprehensive list of all the things you need to buy that your child is likely to require over the next few months, before the next vacation
  • Check if any stores are running sales
  • When you are picking up essentials or schools like socks or pencils or drawing materials, make sure that you buy some extras to store in a place out of sight and out of reach of your child


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