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Back to School Checklist


On the day before school re-opens, make sure your child goes to bed early so as to be fresh for an early start the next day. It’s also time to bring down and dust off the alarm clock, check that it is working and set it to the correct wake-up time! You may even want to wake up your children early for a few days before school reopens, just to get them adjusted to the schedule.

Provisioning and Stocking the Kitchen

It’s not enough to only buy and stock the things that your child will need for school. You also need to ensure that your kitchen is well stocked, at least until the next weekend, so you don’t need to run out in the middle of the week to pick up essentials. Besides checking on, and if necessary, replacing snack and tiffin boxes, water bottles and lunch bags, also ensure that your refrigerator and freezer are well stocked with the ingredients that you need to prepare quick and healthy lunches and snacks. Refer to the Tips, Tricks and To-Do Lists in Issue 1, where we listed lunch and snack box ideas.

Ensure that you are well stocked up on juice packs, milk, eggs, and bread, besides the other things you need and use. And don’t forget to lay aside a handy supply of Ziploc bags, aluminium foil and clingwrap as well.

Transport arrangements
If your child uses the school bus for the school commute, then there’s really nothing much for you to do besides making it to the bus stop on time! However, if your child is part of a car pool, don’t wait till the last moment to contact the other parents who are part of the car pool and coordinate with them as to who is taking responsibility for the first day of school. Also check that you still have the contact numbers of all the parents in your car pool. If your driver drops your child off, do remember to instruct him to come on time.


Child care arrangements
Children who go to a day care centre after school or have a nanny coming home may have had a break from this during the holidays. So it’s time to start that process all over again as well! Contact your nanny or day care centre to ensure that they are aware of term re-opening. It may also be a good idea to talk to your kids before school reopens to help them acclimatise to the fact that they have to go back to day care. This could be more necessary in the case of younger children. In the case of older children, who let themselves into the house after school, check that they have not lost their key over the holidays !


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