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Back to School Checklist

After school activities
If your child has any after-school classes to attend, chances are that these will start at the same time as school reopens. Contact the classes a few days before start of term to confirm your attendance. If the activities require any equipment – books, racquets, shoes, paints, etc. – ensure that these have also been bought and readied. Also ensure that you have scheduled these classes correctly – you don’t want any unpleasant clashes in the schedule during the first week.


You may want to put up a family calendar with school holidays for the year marked out, children’s activities, and special days at school, etc. If you have the schedule of more than one child to coordinate, this is an indispensable tool!

Getting in touch with school Don’t forget to send a note with your child on the first day of school or email the new grade teacher telling her of any allergies that your child may have or any medication she needs to take. If you have moved houses over the vacation, or changed your phone numbers, your new contact details need to be updated in the school records as well.
Finally, once all your preparations have been made and you are set to start school again, maybe you should take some time out to check that your child is prepared as well. Many children hate going back to school after an extended holiday, especially when they have to make a transition – to a new school, a new grade, or from primary to middle school for instance. So talk it out with your child a day before term reopens and get her excited about and comfortable with change so both of you can look forward to a new school year with anticipation.

Boarding School Tips
If your child is a boarder going back to school, you will have to do all the things mentioned above, plus some more! Here is a checklist to keep in mind:
Have you

  • booked your child’s ticket to go back to school for start of term? If you are accompanying her, have you booked yours?
  • bought all the things that she will need with her until she comes back home for her next vacation – clothes, accessories, toiletries, medicines, books, snacks?
  • checked that her suitcase is in good condition?
  • packed all her belongings and ensured that she has not left anything beyond?
  • packed in some extra personal touches for her to decorate her room with so she feels that it’s an extension of home?
  • bought snacks and food for her to carry in hand on her journey that will last her till she reaches school?


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