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Getting Children to Do Chores

Would you give kids a monetary reward to encourage them to complete their chores? Some people do, in order to motivate kids to complete their chores without grumbling. If you think this is right for you, then go ahead, but also consider other motivators for a job well done – extra play time, five minutes later to bed, etc. Do remember that the basic idea behind giving an allowance or pocket money is to teach children how to handle money, so you may not want to make it a ‘reward’ that then becomes the norm! On the other hand, working for their pocket money will teach children to value it more, and also give them a glimpse of what they can expect in the adult working world!

Getting your child to do her chores need not always be battle-time for both of you. Make her feel needed – that her completing her chores is of great help to you – and not only will you get help around the house but also keep her too busy to complain that she is ‘bored!’


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