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An ‘Ad-EVENT-urous’ Career in Event Management

An event attended by Krishnamachary Srikanth

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” —Confucius

With the emergence of myriad new job opportunities, this sentiment has become the success mantra of today’s youth. And a sought after career today, perceived as creative and glamorous, and on many youngsters’ ‘jobs to consider’ list, is event management.

The success of event management as a career in India can be attributed to the ever growing film industry which hosts mega events at both national and international venues, as well as the growing use of corporate events for brand building and promotion.This has expanded the opportunities for people in event management within the country and abroad as well.

What does event management involve?

The term ‘event management’ is self explanatory. All of us have been event managers in our own little way at some time or the other– be it organising a small birthday celebration or assisting at a large scale corporate event, each of which= requires a sense of organisation, discipline and structured thinking. While small family events can be easily planned and executed by anyone with good organisational skills, a larger event requires time and resources beyond what any single individual can normally contribute; this is where an event management company comes in.



What kinds of jobs are on offer in this field?

• Public Relations: Managing (communicating with, negotiating deals and transactions with) stage performers, clients and artists.
• Promotion and Marketing: Promoting the brand image of the event management company as well as the event, roping in sponsors.
• Designing: Responsible for any or all of the design activities – venue design, promotional material like banners and posters, costumes and accessories, if any, etc.
• Administration: Managing administrative tasks, such as actually planning the event, setting budgets, coordinating transportation, scouting for locations, hiring caterers, organising and decorating the venue.
• Production: Shooting, editing and actually producing the audio or video shoot before, during or after the event.
• Printing: Printing promotional items for the event.

Ideally, a fresher to the industry should join an event management company or a media house that specialises in this area. Another interesting option is to join a large company’s corporate marketing or communications department. Most large companies organise promotional or trade events and need in-house people to manage these. After assimilating some years of experience, you may then venture into starting your own event management agency!

What you can expect to earn? Although much of this depends on the organisation you work with, typically a newbie takes home around `10,000-15,000 per month. Of course, if you start your own agency, you can earn larger amounts, but remember that the risks and investment required are also bigger!

Is event management for me?

It is not enough to be interested in event management – you also require the appropriate skill set. While the ability to stretch your imagination and creativity to their limits will aid you in planning innovative and interesting events, you are also required to have your feet firmly planted on the ground when it comes to managing tasks efficiently and effectively, with very little room for error. Patience and attention to the tiniest of details is required in truckloads. Good networking skills are essential in this ‘people oriented’ career, as well as expertise in time management and problem solving. Finally, you must be always up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry and also flexible enough to adapt to these at a moment’s notice.

Take a look at some starter skills in a nutshell:
• Interest in the field: to motivate you so that you give it your best!
• Management skills: to manage time, stress, deadlines and subordinates.
• Creativity: to nurture a simple seed of an idea through its growth stages to the final successful event.
• Public relations: to manage clients, agents and professionals you will meet.
• Networking skills: since this career depends on networking skills and ‘people,’ you must develop and utilise these to your advantage.
• Organisational skills: to plan out tasks for you and your team, leading upto the final event.
• Marketing skills: to be able to sell your event ideas to your clients, and later, the client product (physical, or the event itself) to the attendees!


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