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The Power of the Written Word – A Career in Writing

What would you say to parents who believe this is not a safe profession?
It is as safe or as unsafe as any other profession. The hours can be unstructured, but a lot of people like that.

Writing in the Show Biz Context

Tell us a little bit about your educational background and current work experience.
I am a graduate in philosophy from the Sophia College, Mumbai. I have a Master’s in Social Communications Media, also from Sophia. We take courses in many fields – journalism, film, print and more.

I have been working for Times Now – a news channel of the Times Group – for the last two years. I am a show producer for Total Recall for which I write the script.

What drew you to the profession?
I was always interested in it. I worked part-time in media companies during my university days and I also worked as an assistant director at a production house.

Do you think that having an academic background in the field has helped?
The training has helped a lot. At university, we had professors who were from the industry. We also had many guest-speakers from the profession. The training was not restricted to just ‘how to write an article,’ but we were taught to see the world around us differently. How do you get your point across, how do you cope with limitations… these were some things that we discussed.

It was a very practical course. For example, we were taught how to use a video camera. Another example was when a professor gave us a writing assignment and then proceeded to distract us by talking in the background. So we learnt to write even with distractions.
The other great thing is the opportunity to network. We had a strong alumni association that I could always reach out to for inputs. During interviews, it was a huge factor in my favour when I said I had a degree in Social Communications Media.

What advice would you give to a high-school student interested in the profession?
You should write two pages every day. The topic does not matter. Pick up something, even current happenings. Have a blog. Keep writing, and inviting comments. It will help you improve. If you want to get into a particular field, say political writing, then read up a lot about it.

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