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Careers in Design

Industrial Design

Many colleges such as NID and Madras Institution of Technology (MIT) offer courses in Industrial Design. This is a comprehensive course in itself, but developing additional skills in 3D design abilities, ergonomics, materials, manufacturing processes, branding, marketing, lifestyles, and trends will not go amiss. Ingenuity and technical knowledge are crucial in this area.

Interior Designing

Interior designers must be able to plan a space and present that plan in a visually communicable manner. You need to be a certified and licensed professional to practise as an interior designer. Numerous reputed Indian institutions offer study programmes in interior designing. The basic qualification that is required to get into most of these is a 10+2. Moreover, you will have to pass an entrance examination that judges your drawing and design skills. Entry into this profession is also possible through other areas of study such as graduation in architecture, fine arts, design, or environment planning.

Jewellery Designing

Numerous Indian institutes offer diploma courses in jewellery designing. To join a diploma course, you have to complete your graduation in any field (but a background in art can help in the long run) and for short-term courses, the minimum qualification is usually the completion of class 10 or a 10 + 2. Additionally, a student has to pass an aptitude test and interview before qualifying for the course. It is advisable to pursue a B.DES – Bachelor in Design – programme in jewellery design.

As a high school student, how can I prepare myself for a career in design?

Start early: If you are aiming for a career in design, don’t leave things till the last minute. Ensure that you start getting your portfolio ready from as early on as the 9th grade. A portfolio is indispensable in this field. A good collection of progressive work will take you far. Don’t just put your latest and best work in the folder; show how you have improved over the years.

Follow the latest trends: The design industry is capricious. For instance, long gone are the days of Tom and Jerry type animation; now 3D movies are the hottest things. You have to be aware of the latest trends from the get go. Knowledge of the current market scenario will help you whizz past initial starting problems and make an impressive debut in the industry.

Consider a spectrum of courses: Courses in drawing, art history and sewing are very helpful and even vital. These will help you hone your skills and ensure that you get a place in the college of your choice. Summer courses are always available. It will keep you from getting bored and secure your future as well!


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