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Careers in Design

As a student of NID what are you doing now?

Now, I am doing a course called ‘Design for Digital Experience’. It involves designing applications for medical uses, mobile phones, websites etc. Basically it’s about improving user experience and designing anything and everything that is digital.

What would you tell a high-school student who is thinking of a career in design?

It’s a good time to be in this industry and it’s a good place to be in too. There are a lot of opportunities and demand for animation services in India is growing. This field is not drastically different from others. It’s just different from engineering and medicine in that you are not as tied down and there is more freedom to exploit your creativity. You need to realise on your own though, if you have the passion and aptitude for design. It would not do to rush in blindly. But once you discover a passion for design, you will view life very differently!

On Industrial Design

Adarsh Ram Vardharajan, General Manager, MAS Linea Fashions India, 16 years of manufacturing experience in the fashion garments industry

What does your role entail?

We manufacture garments for leading international brands like Victoria’s Secret and Nike. First, the concept of a particular fashion line is determined, after which it undergoes many preliminary sketches and a storyboard is created. The pattern of each garment line is decided after considering factors such as consumer requirements, mindset and lifestyle of the customers. Each line caters to the need of a target customer base. For example, the garments of teenagers come with flashy designs and bold prints. Those who are older prefer comfortable fits and an elegant look. Once the designs are completed, they are sent to the warehouse where fabrics, trims, shades, stitches, and accessories are firmed up.
What are the qualifications and skills required for an aspirant to this field?

A basic degree in design is the most important thing. Graduation from a reputed college like NIFT, coupled with an impressive portfolio, goes a long way. Internships in buying houses are very helpful. They give one hands-on experience on design procedures and marketing strategies. A person looking to be an industrial designer must have the passion to excel, as well as a knack for understanding the customers’ way of thinking.

What are the plus points of a career in Industrial Design?

It is a very rewarding career in terms of monetary and professional growth. There is also great scope for travel.


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