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Careers in Design

What are some of the challenges in this line of work?

There is a lot of competition from brands with equal acclaim. There is also the stress of deadlines and managing costs. The hassle of trying to predict ever-changing consumer trends is one of the biggest difficulties we face.

On Fashion and Jewellery Design

Designer, Bhavish Emporium, Jayanagar, Bangalore

What does your line of work entail?

Basically I ideate on sari patterns and also on pieces of designer jewelry. I choose the colour combinations as well as the gems, using my own discretion and taste. I then send my designs to the warehouse where they produce the wares that you see on the shelves. Some of these saris are one of a kind, whereas others are produced for mass consumption.

What training have you undergone and what do you feel are the most important qualities that a designer must possess?

I have not undergone any formal training as such. This art has been passed down from generation to generation in my family. It is a hobby that I have turned into a livelihood. I consider interest in such creative work to be the most important trait, followed closely by talent. Patience is also a quality one must have. Many times the weavers don’t get your vision right and sometimes your customers don’t like your style. It is very easy to lose heart. But you need to be determined and continue nevertheless till everything falls into place.

What are the positives and negative aspects of your career?

The best aspect of my work is how much I enjoy designing saris and jewelry. There is also much satisfaction in seeing your designs on the shelves and see the end results being bought by many people. Moreover many people are regaining interest in Indian apparel such as saris, so business at Bhavish is quite profitable. The biggest challenge is the fickle mind of the customer. Tastes keep changing and we have to continuously improve our wares and bring out new designs to keep our shoppers happy. Moreover the process of designing a sari is very time consuming.

What advice would you give to a high school student who aspires to make it big in the fashion industry?

This line of work is extremely gratifying. I would say that all you need to succeed is passion and a flair for style.

- Chinmayi Suri, 15 years, Bangalore


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