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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Age Group: 7 – 9 Years

Title – Fantastic Mr.Fox

Author – Roald Dahl

Puffin Books


Three mean local farmers – Boggis, Bunce and Bean (one fat, one short, and one lean) – make it nearly impossible for Mr. Fox to steal enough chickens or geese to support his wife and his family. Not one to die of starvation, sly Mr. Fox hatches a plan that will not only get them food, but also give these horrible farmers a taste of their own medicine! The plan goes off without a hitch – almost TOO well. The three chills up your spine. Every tale has a terrifying twist, and often one of the main characters meets with a terrible fate. Horowitz writes each story with skill that freezes your heart. You feel the agony and fear that the characters face. While this book is a must-read, never read it at night. It is only for those who can sleep peacefully without a fear of things that bump and creak in the night! farmers are determined to take action against Mr. Fox. They plan different ways to trap and kill Mr. Fox, but fail miserably every time. Then they come up with their best plan. They decide to dig into Mr. Fox’s home. Now Mr. Fox needs to think up a solution to this problem, or else his entire family – and all the other animals that live in his underground neighbourhood – will be in big trouble. The main character of the story is Fantastic Mr. Fox, ‘fantastic’ because he always comes up with brilliant ideas. Mr. Fox never gives up until the job is done. He is very clever, brave and responsible. All the characters in the book are played off well against each other. The farmers are the meanest, greediest and rudest characters anyone can ever come across. The illustrations are hilarious and the characters, lovable.

- Muskaan Basra,
St. Matthew’s CE Primary School, London.
Third place in the ParentEdge Book Review contest