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Finger-Painted Flowery Fun!

These wild andHobby Horse_Issue_5 colourful flowers are everlasting and will brighten up the dullest room; and the best part is, they don’t even need to be watered!

Immerse your fingers in paint and create your own inimitable
flora – in all shapes, sizes and colours. Let the fun begin!

What you’ll need
• Coloured chart paper
• Acrylic or poster paints
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Glue
• Sticky tape
• Thin sticks, about 20-30cm long (broomstick twigs will do nicely!)
• Your fingers!

What to do
1. Using a pencil, draw a few petals, leaves and circles (for the centres) on the coloured chart paper of your choice.
2. Glue petals onto each centre. Selecting different colours for petals and centre pieces will make your bouquet brightly vibrant!
3. Now comes the fun part – cover the petals and centre in paint, using your fingers!
4. Let them dry while you make the leaves. Paint them and add a fine line of colour down the centre of each leaf to make the vein. Note that although leaves are generally in shades of green, yellow and brown, you’re free to paint them in any colour you like (red and orange could bring a touch of autumn to your
home in India!).
5. After the flowers and leaves have thoroughly dried, use sticky tape to attach the back of a flower to a thin stick. Glue a
matching flower onto the back and press down gently to make sure that it sticks. Now do the same for the leaves.
6. Arrange your flowers in a pretty vase to make a bright showpiece or a wonderful present for a loved one.

Tips and handy hints
• To keep the flowers upright, put a piece of florist’s foam, clay, dough or crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the vase.
• Make scented blossoms by spraying a bit of perfume on your flowers!


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