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Free Tickles all Day – Fun with Kids Like Never Before!

There are a lot of things we focus on teaching kids and learning as parents. However, one of the simple things we may miss out on is purely having fun with kids by being kids ourselves. We truly know a lot more about life as kids than as adults. Think of it – as adults we are stressed, we need yoga, we need therapy, we need medicines, psychiatrists, and what nots! As kids all we need is – AN OPPORTUNITY: any opportunity and we can create that into fun, laughter, joy, and charisma.

If we kept the element of fun alive in our lives, we would not need so many stress buster resources. What is missing today from our lives is the ability to throw ourselves bare into bucket loads of fun on a regular basis. Best is that it doesn’t require any special resources, time, or place. It has no other agenda – no learning, no teaching, no rush, no deadline.

Today I am sharing with you one such Fun Day that I had with my daughter and her friends. It started with the idea of having our T-shirts ‘Backside Front’. Nothing else was planned for the upcoming ‘Funny Day’ but we had planned to create ‘history for ourselves in our memory books’. As the day progressed, a dozen ideas ‘popped’ up like a string from a magician’s hat, merely started from a single wish to have fun!!!

So be ready today – to rock and roll, laugh and play. There are abundant free tickles today for all of You. Grab them! Get inspired!


  1. Kid/s
  2. You
  3. An open mind
  4. The willingness to be guided by kids

‘Ding-dong’, as the bell rang, excited kids walked in with their T-shirts rolled back. I could sense their spirit for fun. Here’s one kid who totally flaunted this:

mismatched shoes

I was committed to being a kid too. Got the kids ‘cracked up’ with this.

nose hairstyle










Next, we used props to become different ‘Personalities’. We laughed, danced, marched our funny bands too! Our fun photoshoot was a success.

Perfect Nose Flaunts

nose flaunts





Merrying with Moustaches



moustache on the nose




Music on the Move

music on the move









I am the Soccer Guy

soccer guy








O La La, Lady Gaga!


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Rima's has a Master's Degree in Psychology from Mumbai, and is a certified Childcare Professional and Life Coach from USA. She has written numerous articles for parents and women in Tanzania, India, and in USA. Her work includes writing for airline magazines and editing internationally published books. She has extensive experience in training teachers and parents and working with children aged 2-7 years. Her parenting page can be accessed at Parenting Booth , and her personal blog here.

3 thoughts on “Free Tickles all Day – Fun with Kids Like Never Before!

  1. Kritika Srinivasan

    What fun! The pics were great!
    You are so right Rima – we get caught up in teaching kids all the time. Quality time has become about learning and training. And finally, everything is serious, kids are over-mature and burdened and parents are high-strung! These fun activities can help bring out the children within us as well. I know what I am going to do this weekend now!

  2. Rima Desai

    I am so glad Kritika! Thank You for the reply. U must also share the pics with us ; )

    I truly enjoyed that day so much. We also had crazy water fun day after it but cudnt get snaps since I was drenched too ;)


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