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Free Tickles all Day – Fun with Kids Like Never Before!

lady gaga







Those were the snap shots of our big shots! Let’s move now to fun activities. Who knows about the ‘Donkey’s Tail’?

donkey tail

donkey tail 2




The Freeze Laugh game:

This is our favorite game by far. The aim of the game is to make a frozen person laugh without touching or using words. We freeze in groups and kids in pairs must stand in front of us to make us laugh. They could use props and actions but no words or body touch, which means they cannot tickle us ;)

This game promotes a lot of creativity and fun.


During Art time, we made Funny Puppet Faces. I made a sample for them to see and allowed them to make their own. You can see how K-reative Kids can be!

funny face art


Next, we figured that kids wanted more art work. They wanted to color. Who do we color on ‘Funny Day’? Of course, Mr. Clown!BW clowncoloured clown










After so much sitting, it was time to get our body moving but in a funny way. For that, I had TICKLE FINGERS. I am still to know a kid who does not enjoy being tickled. Kids enjoyed their funny march once again. In that, they make silly faces and body moves as they march behind one another.

It was a Crazy, Fun Day for Us. I wonder if you are feeling Inspired for Fun?!


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Rima's has a Master's Degree in Psychology from Mumbai, and is a certified Childcare Professional and Life Coach from USA. She has written numerous articles for parents and women in Tanzania, India, and in USA. Her work includes writing for airline magazines and editing internationally published books. She has extensive experience in training teachers and parents and working with children aged 2-7 years. Her parenting page can be accessed at Parenting Booth , and her personal blog here.

3 thoughts on “Free Tickles all Day – Fun with Kids Like Never Before!

  1. Kritika Srinivasan

    What fun! The pics were great!
    You are so right Rima – we get caught up in teaching kids all the time. Quality time has become about learning and training. And finally, everything is serious, kids are over-mature and burdened and parents are high-strung! These fun activities can help bring out the children within us as well. I know what I am going to do this weekend now!

  2. Rima Desai

    I am so glad Kritika! Thank You for the reply. U must also share the pics with us ; )

    I truly enjoyed that day so much. We also had crazy water fun day after it but cudnt get snaps since I was drenched too ;)


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